Hey there, my name is Daniel and I’m your Rock ‘n Roll Daddy! Well, I’m a father and I am fond of rock ‘n roll. I consider it a true theatrical art form which consist of music, drama and poetry. Am I a musician? Literally yes, because I make music. But in reality no, I do more than just writing, producing or playing music.

I am a creator of sound, for the last few years I’ve been studying the phenomenon called Rock ‘n Roll and came to some interesting thoughts through observations, talks and playing, as well as going through loads of music from the 40’s up until these days. This enterprise resulted in an idea to start the project called Rock ‘n Roll Daddy. I’m going to innovate this art form, mainly because it’s a duty if you’re committed to rock ‘n roll, but also because it’s a lot of fun. During the time of my study I wrote an album, regarding gender issues in the 21st century, due to be released in 2018.

Till that time, I’ll be slamming out all my thoughts, songs and observations about the historical development of music, get this jam going